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Welcome to the Stephenson County Ads Network - Stephenson County

Enjoy all the features of modern News & TV Media; the power of commercials and multimedia marketing; and the viral power of social story engagement, all at a cost per year for less than what one ad might cost you in any other media. 

The Stephenson County Ads Network...

  • Effectively takes "money" out of the equation of your marketing
  • Takes the hesitation out of why you don't promote your business or self more.
  • Allows you the freedom to be creative in information marketing, promotion marketing and awareness marketing.
  • Allows you the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of local, regional and national people.
  • Allows you the FREEDOM to get creative and advertise MORE without any additional charges.
  • Allows you to plan a year, go heavy in some months, lighter in others or just stay steady throughout the year.

With Stephenson County Ads It's Not A "One Shot" Deal Anymore.

  • You can test market. Try different ads.
  • If one ad doesn't work, no extra loss, no extra cost. Revamp your ad and try it a different way.
  • Allows you to educate an audience.
  • Allows you to fully engage the open market with topics that are new, informative and entertaining (in your specific business' own way)
  • It isn't just 'running an ad', it's engaging. We'll come out, talk with you, engage with you.
  • You can now effectively market and brand a business within the public in multiple ways.

Stephenson County Ads is super easy too.

The More Creative You Are With Your Business,
The More Exposure You Can Get

  • BENEFIT: You pay one annual fee (or a small fee for one time ads).
  • BENEFIT: No more ad reps bothering you, no more packages to choose from, no more hassle, no up-selling.
  • BENEFIT: You benefit from having an experienced news and marketing team there to review all your material.
  • BENEFIT: We’re news and information based and we value the content to our viewers. We WANT your content to be great!
  • BENEFIT: You’re not just “placing an ad” with an ad house. We’re human people.
  • BENEFIT: We will actually design an ad, news piece, column or feature for you.
  • BENEFIT: The more creative you are, the better chances you have of also appearing in a show.
  • BENEFIT: You are guaranteed to make headlines, get exposure, get aired and be promoted.

Stephenson County Ads Network Allows You To Explore All The
Ways A Business Ties Itself Into The Lives of
The Community Through Communication

With the Stephenson County Ads Network You Or Your Business Can...
  • Publish A Weekly or Monthly Column
  • Send In A Classified Ad
  • Start Publishing Monthly Press Releases
  • Run An Ad And Sell Your Used Car
  • Advertise A Weekly Product Special
  • Announce A New Product Line That Came In
  • You Could Publish Product Tips
  • Be A Featured Columnist or Writer
  • Publish Stories As You Go Through Journalist School
  • Air A Video In Any of Our News or Shopping Categories
  • Publish How To Articles, Videos or Shows
  • Announce A Garage Sale
  • Announce A Birthday or Anniversary
  • Broadcast A Fundrasier
  • Showcase All The Vehicles On Your Car Lot
  • Give Benefits of (Your Product/Service) Segments
  • Announce A New Employee or Staff Member
  • Announce Events At Your Business
  • Do A Monthly Update
  • Or Do Your Own Daily News
  • Be That Crazy Local TV Guy
  • Start a Cooking Show
  • Start A Shopping Channel
  • You Can Also Air Videos From Most Any Video Sharing Site. (No re-uploading videos!)
  • Or, you could simply re-affirm your brand by simply having your logo rotate on the side all year.

You Even Get Cool Bonuses

  • You don’t get a bill every time. 
  • An ad rep isn’t always trying to sell you something.
  • You are guaranteed to get published and promoted.
  • You can use video, news, involve your customers now, answer questions and create a buzz.
  • You can publish one thing or a hundred things.
  • You have the freedom to truly engage an audience through their many interests.
  • You may be in featured articles, top stories or make special segments.
  • You will have banner ads for sales and events that rotate on our networks.
  • You may be asked to appear in a local show, documentary, mini-series or featured in a daily, mid-day or special segment piece.
  • Your business (or specific products and services) will get talked about, discussed and brought up in conversation during our segments. This adds further interest in your products or brand.
  • Your business will be the sponsor of numerous standard segments such as the weather, around town pieces

Any business or individual can utilize Stephenson County Ads Network to issue a press release, news story, a sale, promotion, event or other news type information to the public and have it broadcast on the local news.