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Freeport Middle School Soccer Coach Talks About This Year's Students

No matter where you look or where you turn, someone at some point has usually seen one of our broadcasts. Our special unique way of presenting our community is truly the key to our success. Broadcast by broadcast our viewers are engaged, talking and sharing the segments we bring to them. It's not just some boring social media post. It's a unique new way of doing business and a great addition to the city, county and to your business, cause or endeavor.

Topics That Engage Viewers

You know what people never hear about all the time in a fun and exciting way? They don't hear about you. They don't hear about local people and local places and all the fun people are really having with your products and services. You're a part of a community and we'd bet you have a pretty neat thing going on, but, it's not the story of the day. Around here, it is. We're excited about people who do things in their communities all over, so we bring topics that engage viewers centered around just that. It's a new eye into the city with lots of people looking in.

Our Website Fans

Since November of 2015 we have had 7,932,105 (7.9 million) pages viewed on the Freeport News Network website by a total of 1,255,756 (1.2 million) unique visitors. Our 2017 numbers were 4,343,981 (4.3 million) page views, 1,480,179 (1.4 million) total visits from 659,917 unique users.

Fun Fact

  • Freeport News Network visitors represent 2,652,558 (2.6 million) total visits
  • Freeport News Network total number of “hits” to the network coming in at 124,151,448, (124.1 million).
    (Hits represent anything and everything that was ever accessed on Freeport News Network).
  • Freeport News Network has been visited by people in over 180 countries.
  • Freeport News Network is viewed in all 51 States.

Our Social Media Fans

Since January of 2016 our social media lifetime post total reach has been 20,829,632+ (20.8 million) users with a total number of people who saw one of our posts at 14,09,4379 (14 million). Our total number of impressions have been over 36,821,462+ (36.8 million). Also, we've had 1,994,274 (1.9 million) people engaged through either commenting on, liking, sharing, or clicking upon particular elements of a post.

Fun Fact

  • 1,323,592 (1.3 million) people clicked somewhere on one of our posts in 2017.
  • Our posts received a total of 1,946,694 (1.9 million) clicks altogether in 2017.
  • We had 16,417,250 (16.4 million) impressions of posts in a News Feed, ticker or on our Page's Timeline.
  • We had 334,381 LIKES on our content since 2016. (Average of 464 every single day. Does not count loves, haha, sad, wow, etc…)
  • 145,196 comments were made on our posts just in 2017. (Average of 397 every single day)
  • Our news, posts and segments have been shared over 94,638 times since 2016. (Average of 129 every single day)

Our Video Reach

When it comes to video, since January of 2016 our videos have had 2,789,421+ (2.7 million) views just by themselves. Our videos have been watched by over 2,458,783 (2.4 million) users with a total number of people who saw one of our video posts at 14,09,4379 (14 million). Our total number of video impressions have been over 14,134,270+ (14.1 million), or about 38% of all impressions total. Our videos have been served directly to 7,565,308 (7.5 million) people.

An Engaged Audience Is A Happy Audience

With over 2 million people engaged in some topic that we have covered (or are covering) over all, we have an exceptional local, regional and national reach to get your business, brand or message out there. Socially the age groups of those engaged are below;

Seeing Is Believing And A Lot of People Are Seeing

Our brand, news and our broadcasts and segments have been visible to over 14 million people. 62% of people we reach are ages 25-54 with men representing 24% of that. 27% of our overall reach comes from ages 55+, with 10% being under the age of 24

Reaching Millions of Unique People

This is the power of our networks. Broadcast by broadcast, story by story when you stack them up they represent hundreds of thousands of people. Short term or long term we are able to use our unique marketing approach to create massive awareness time after time. It's something we're proud of and something about us you're really going to love.

U.S. Coverage (Region)

Illinois Reach (56.11%)

Our global headquarters are in beautiful Freeport Illinois.

Iowa Reach

Wisconsin Reach

Minnesota Reach

Missouri Reach

Indiana Reach

Kentucky Reach

Michigan Reach

Ohio Reach

Virginia Reach

North Carolina Reach

Tennessee Reach

Entire U.S. Reach

Top 10 States

  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Minnesota
  • California
  • Michigan

Top 10 Cities Online

  • Freeport
  • Chicago
  • DeKalb
  • Rockford
  • Belvidere
  • Winnebago
  • Lena
  • Oak Brook
  • Pecatonica
  • Sycamore

Top 10 Cities Socially

  • Freeport, IL
  • Rockford, IL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Lena, IL
  • Monroe, MI
  • Madison, WI
  • Pearl City, IL
  • Stockton, IL
  • Forreston, IL
  • Machesney Park, IL

Entire World Reach