Send An Email. Be In The News.

Our Marketing Team Reviews, Edits, Adjusts And Organizes Your News Into A Segment To Be Broadcast On Our Networks

Now as simple as sending an email with a few links and a couple image attachments, any business or individual can issue a press release, news story, a sale, promotion, sell something, promote an event or distribute information to the public and have it published on our network news.

Here’s How It Works

  • You send us an email to
  • In your email you include your article, press release, advertisement, or you just type something up and send it in.
  • You include 2-3 photos, your logo, contact information.
  • You also include links to other media such as any video you have.
  • Our News and Marketing Team reviews and optimizes your material (if needed)
  • We then find the right category(s) and placement(s) for your spot and prepare it for Broadcast.
  • Our publishing staff then airs it on our networks.

Example 1

  • YOU. You’re having a Donut Sale and offering customers if they buy 3 donuts they get 3 free. You send us a simple email stating that and you attach your logo and a product image. (logo would only need to be sent once)
  • US: Our News And Marketing Team reviews your material and determines a Banner Ad would work great for you.

Example 2

  • YOU. Your local organization just raised $6,000 dollars to donate to a local charity. You write up a brief description, attach a couple photos you took at the event and you send us that email.
  • US: Our News And Marketing Team reviews your material and determines a Featured Story would work great for you.

Example 3

  • YOU. You’re a local school or business that does regular features, (whether article or video) on an ongoing basis. After it’s all produced you send us an email and provide that content to us. (Video is up, here’s a link) 
  • US: Our News And Marketing Team reviews your material and determines since you’re doing an ongoing feature segment, that it’s a great value for your local community and determines you should have your own Special Featured Section on the news network.

Example 4

  • YOU. Your night club came up with a great idea to have a billy goat in the bar to help end the curse on the Cubs and you want some news coverage. You send us an email with a little note that you have a goat, you include a picture of the goat, a shot of your bar and your logo. (again, we would only need your logo once)
  • US: Our News And Marketing Team reviews your material and determines a Top Story would work great for you.

Quick Tips

  • Images make news and ads better. Send 2-4 images with your news.
  • Logos and photos of your store only need to be sent once. We will use them for all future ads.
  • All external content must be linked to in your email with the exception of photos.
  • Email a max 10 images per email to us. Images do not have to be super high resolution. 1600 px wide is sufficient.
  • Videos and Commercials not produced by us need to be uploaded to some video sharing website.
  • If you do not have a video sharing account, we will provide access to ours.

Media We Accept

  • Images
  • Links to Videos
  • Standard email copy with image attachments.
  • PDF’s
  • JPG, GIF image types
  • Pre-made ads
  • Anything else, just indicate in your email

Helpful Hints

  • Using the Stephenson County Ads Network is easy.
  • Marketing a company however isn’t always so easy.
  • You have to continually tell the public that something is happening.
  • Communicate with your audience with something new going on and reaffirm something of value is offered.
  • You are being provided an entire news outlet and platform to create, promote and announce. Take advantage of it.
  • You are also being provided a news and marketing team who behind the scenes help make you look great! Take advantage of it.
  • We are here to “work together” to promote your products, services, company and brand.
  • It’s your business, your products, your services and like all other businesses it’s up to you to promote your own business.
  • You come up with ideas, we make them better and provide the audience.
  • We do not accept submissions that simply say, “I want to do a story on Wellness, write something up”.
  • We will accept submissions that say “All watches on sale 25% off” and you attach the appropriate images.
  • We are a news company. Keep that in mind in your marketing as you send us your material.
  • We do not develop ads or content for other media.
  • We do not develop ads to fit size restrictions you provide, unless it’s logo sizes, placement or tagline requirements of your brand.

The More Creative You Are With Your Business, The More Exposure You Can Get

With the Stephenson County Ads Network you have the freedom to publish nearly all the articles, stories, events, sales, news pieces, featured columns and promotions you'd like about your business in a local media plus, benefit from the expertise of a news and marketing team who reviews your material (and makes it awesome if needed) before it airs.

We’re A News Network 

Broadcast, shows, stories, documentaries, articles, special segments, and other fun stuff. People love information; things they didn’t previously know, benefits they weren’t previously aware of. They love tips, hints, stories, journey’s, the underdog, they love food and they love saving money. They also love a lot of things about your products, services, business, staff and how it all benefits them.